Everyday Thanksgiving

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

For days, I never questioned why my hairbrush was so clean (when every time I brushed my hair I shed like a golden retriever lol) Usually my hairbrush looks like a furball.

One day I saw Brian (my husband) cleaning my hairbrush in the bathroom. He’s been doing this all this time so that I can have a clean brush!

My hairbrush Brian cleaned

I never knew there were so many things he does that I wasn’t even aware of. He just did them quietly even when I failed to recognize them. I am always humbled by the way he is, and his huge heart of serving. I bet this is how God is like too, we fail to recognize so many things God has blessed us with, because they are just trivial things. But regardless he continues to love us.

If you really think about it there is thousands of things to be thankful for, yet we just take them for granted. I just wanted to take some time just to sit and be thankful for everything he has blessed me with😊 (Since it’s a day off)

I am healthy, and have all of my limbs, I have enough money to buy my favorite brand of yogurt from time to time, I have both of my parents who loves me very very much, and I have a roof over my head, the air I breathe and I get to see beautiful sunrise and sunset with my husband. I have a voice, so I can sing, I have vision so I can read, and see the ones I love. God even made cute animals like Alpacas and Capybaras. I am thankful for a million things! For my church, my friends, my husband, my family, my job… THANK YOU JESUS!!!

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
    his love endures forever. (Psalms 106:1)

I held on to my hairbrush and started to cry, I hugged my husband and asked him “Why didn’t you ever tell me that you were doing this! I’m so sorry I never recognized it. I’m so sorry that I never said anything He smiled and said because I love you! Then he was busy wiping my tears away saying why you cryin’ lol

Lord, I’m so sorry I never said anything, I took many things for granted, forgive me. I want to spend every day with joyful heart of thanksgiving, Amen.


13 thoughts on “Everyday Thanksgiving

  1. Hannah, that is so sweet of Brian. It is those little things that makes a big difference. It shows just how much he loves you.

    In all things give thanks.

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  2. I was serving at a church several years ago and often on Saturdays, I would go to the church @ 8 p.m., and a lady would be there dusting and polishing all of the woodwork in the sanctuary. I didn’t day anything to her, just went before the altar and prayed. There were times when she would “dust around me,” and other times when she would finish before I did and leave silently. This was her way of serving the church. She had a disability and it was difficult for her to move around, but she did so when no one else was around. Another member mentioned to me of the effort, but had not “caught then in the act,” but wanted to recognize them. I simply said that the person was doing what they could and didn’t really want anyone to recognizing them, for her service. The other member persisted and finally figured out who was there and what they were doing. The next Sunday and announcement time, they came forward and openly called her to the front and told everyone what it was she had been doing for many months. The lady was embarrassed and tried to stop the individual, who was not paying attention. Finally, we said, “I do this out of love for my Lord in the only way that I am able and want no recognition. She then walked out and did not return to the church again.
    I loved the story of your husband’s silent service in honor and love for you. It is what we should do for one another. In the case of the woman, she desired no recognition, as I was her way of revealing her love for the Lord. I did, by the way, meet with her later and told me she was sorry that her service was not honored by respecting her privacy. I told her I never revealed who it was, but certainly appreciated her work and service for the Lord. And yes, at the new church, she is allowed to do what she used to do, only it has been announced that the person doing the work did not want to be recognized. I should have done this, but a learning lesson in ministry that has helped me since. Just wanted to share another perspective. Loved you story, and sounds like you and your husband have a great relationship. Blessings.


  3. That is so powerful! Wow. I really am so blessed by this story. I do sometimes wonder if we are awarded here on earth for the good thing we have done, that we might not be recognized later in heaven because we already got our award here on earth. I can imagine why that woman felt like she was put on the spot. She was truly just loving on the Lord, and not seeking for others to recognize her. 🙂 Thank you and God bless you!!


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